Walk Through Life With Me

Words & Music by J.C. Hyke


I love our long talks about life

You always bring a different view

How my heart will race when I feel your embrace

A feeling long overdue


When you’re here this house is a home

The scent of candles in the air

The crystals you hung in the bright kitchen sun

Throw little rainbows everywhere


       There’s no place I’d rather be

       Than here in your company

       You have found my old smile

The one that’s been hiding a while

So share with me all the little things

And walk through life with me


A colorful autumn will fall

Leaves will crunch under our feet

Champagne with you when the year is through

And a kiss at midnight dancing – Repeat Chorus


The hues in the sunset reflect in your eyes

The warmth of your hand gives me chills

I love how you laugh any time I get mad

And kiss me until I give in – Repeat Chorus