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Philanthropists Wanted

                  Sponsor one song on the album 

Music is my passion, and writing songs is my gift.  It is a gift that has been given to me, and one that I love to give to others.  I was fortunate enough to live in Nashville for 3 years where I produced my own debut album.  Some money came from the kindness of strangers, but the majority of the costs were covered from loans I took out.  Those loans took a lot of discipline, hard work at part time jobs, and 5 years to repay.  For my next album I am looking for donations from people who I have moved with my music, and who are willing to share their abundance.

Similar to my debut album, this next album will be recorded in Nashville using some of the best musicians on music row, incredible engineers and great studios.   The budget is $20,000 (that’s about 10% of the costs that a major label spends on a recording artist).   

I am looking for 12 philanthropists to donate $1,500 each to Sponsor one song on the album.   In return they will get 10 CD’s to give away to friends and family, and a special acknowledgement in the credits.  Some of these songs that make up the album will also be released to radio, as well as pitched to major recording artists like Kenny Chesney.  The songs have been ready for a while, only waiting for financing.   If you would like to help bring my music to life and make a donation or perhaps you know someone who could, please contact J.C. at (615) 429-3323.


                                                                            Thank you,

                                                                                      J.C. Hyke

So far the sponsors are...

1. Gerard Christopher

2. Friends of J.C.'s