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The Songwriter Serenade is a weekly show held every Tuesday night at Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant & Bar.  Over 160 artists have now played the show!  It starts at 7PM and goes to 9:30.  Performers play their original songs for the audience on a lovely patio with a warm, inviting atmosphere.  There are all styles and genres of music, with 4 or 5 different songwriters each week.  The music is on a patio which is covered and has plenty of heaters for a warm, cozy evening.  It is located at 145 E. Huntington Dr. in Arcadia, CA 91006. There is parking around the back. 



Fan of the week


She is a true fan of the show


The food is awesome and the Drink Specials are Sweet!

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Want to play?

Simply e-mail JC a link to your website showing where you've been performing 

at, plus an MP3 sample of your original music.  Put "Book Me" in the subject 

line.  Send it to jc  at  jchyke dot com

Volunteers Needed

If you would like to help promote the Songwriter Serenade with e-mail announcements, on-line promotions, contacting organizations or newspapers, your time and effort would be greatly appreciated.  Even if all you do is put up a flyer at work, it will help spread the word.  Thank you!


J.C. playing the first Songwriter Serenade Oct, 2010