Until You Change Your Mind 

Words & Music by J.C. Hyke

Nothing on the page said anything

Of the temporary kind

And I swear I didn’t hear the preacher say

You could leave any time

The words surely were said

But I have no recollection of any line

Could of sworn I heard forever

Not until you change your mind


Love with a contract

Biggest gamble that you’ll take

The vows that you’ll be given

May not hold their weight

So go in at your own risk

With your heart on the line

And beware of this small clause

Until you change your mind

People say the darndest little things 

They don’t really mean

They’ll swear on their commitments

They don’t intend to keep

All I gotta do is sign

And you’ll take everything I love

And leave me behind

Till death got changed to someday

When you decide to change your mind- Repeat Chorus


‘Cause I sure don’t remember

Hearing you could change your mind

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ASCAP © 2003 J. C. Hyke   ASCAP © 2003 Kettle Ridge Publishing