That Old Truck 

Words & Music by J.C. Hyke

Old man Riley shakes his head at me

And yells why don’t you sell that ugly thing

It gets me all around, this measly little town

And driving to your house I’m heaven bound

My Dallas Cowboy sticker’s peeling off

The seats are torn and foam is spillin’ out

The dash on the right side, has a crack a mile wide

Pullin’ in your driveway full of pride


In that old truck

When you step inside it sparkles up like new

Like a pumpkin to a carriage

It changes with the smell of your perfume

Suddenly the dents get smooth

The rattles finally find their groove

The old new paint comes shinning right on through

In my good old trusty pick up here with you

Hit a tree and got another dent

The bumper is all twisted up and bent

It don’t bother me none

As long as it’ll run

And I know you will always be the one - Repeat chorus 


We get so much attention when you’re sittin’ by my side

Smiling people wave like a parade is going by - Repeat chorus


It’s magical and all because of you

So let’s take a ride and drive around the moon

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ASCAP © 2003 J. C. Hyke   ASCAP © 2003 Kettle Ridge Publishing