Texas Blood 

Lyrics & Music by J. C. Hyke, Billy Holt, & Paul Martin

I was born in Dallas, but moved when I was one

Grew up playing little league, ‘neath that California sun

Never heard the Opry, never broke a horse

But something deep inside me knew where my heart was


And it wasn’t on the streets of Hollywood

Under palm trees and city lights

But somewhere on a front porch

Picking guitar on a summer night

I was never into surfing

Or that L.A. night club scene

The more I heard that steel guitar

The more I knew where I should be

I was raised in California, but I got Texas blood in me

Lately I’ve been thinking, the south is where I ought a be

Pick up trucks and cowboys hats, and southern hospitality

They took me out of Texas, but the rebel was too strong

So I’m headed down to Dixie, back where I belong - Repeat Chorus


Real hardcore football fans, lighting bugs and catching bass

Country girls, sweet ice tea, fried greed tomatoes and black eyed peas

I’m the black sheep of my Yankee family

‘Cause I’ve got Texas blood in me


Ahh I’ve got rebel blood

Ahh I’ve got southern blood

Ahh I’ve got Texas blood

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ASCAP © 2003 J. C. Hyke   ASCAP © 2003 Kettle Ridge Publishing