I'm Already Gone 

Music & Lyrics by R. Jon Guth and J. C. Hyke

In the early hours of evening

In the warmth of candle light

Laughter fills the party

I stop, and catch your eye

Our hands reach for the same glass

And we toast to what will be

During clever conversation

You smile, and it occurs to me


How do I keep my heart from falling too fast

When you look like an angel

Must be out of my hands this feeling so strong

I hope you give in cause I’m already gone

We walk into the garden

Beneath the summer moon

Not a word is spoken

I turn and look at you

Sweet anticipation

As you look into my eyes

Our hearts are drawn together

As we kiss you realize

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ASCAP © 2003 J. C. Hyke   ASCAP © 2003 Kettle Ridge Publishing