No Drama

Words & Music by J.C. Hyke & Mark Burch

I miss hot tub martinis, your polka dot bikini
Your acrobatics on the trampoline
I miss your morning lovin', your sensual back rubbin'
Your gigglin' bubblin' personality
But now from morning till my evening pajamas

There’s no drama, no drama

I don't miss your complaining, fits about weight gaining
Exhaustive gossip every single night
You drug me with you shoppin', your mood always flip floppin'
Your stupid girlfriends gettin' us in fights (white trash)
So why won’t I miss you or your mamma

No drama, no drama

Everything is simplified
Trash talk show left my life

No more ghetto conversation

My ears are finally on vacation

There’s no more he or she said, then you wishing her dead

Or scheming to get your coworkers fired

You having your issues, me handing you tissues

Or listening to your family conspire
Since you took half of our mellow drama

I’m as mellow as the Dalai Lama

No drama, no drama