White Picket Fence

Words & Music by J.C. Hyke


I’ve tried fourteen shirts on

And I’ve got reservations

At Antonio’s downtown

Surf and Turf and Merlot

Ought a set the right tone

Can’t wait for the big surprise

Sharing the rest of our lives



Cause when I look into your eyes I see forever (you and me)

It’s as clear as day it’s you and me together baby

Call it a heart felt premonition I’ve been wishing (wishin’ for)

I think I’ll frame what heavens’ sent in a white picket fence


I want the whole nine yards

The kids the house the two cars

We’ll have it all if you say yes

I made a special dessert menu

With let’s get married Fondue

It comes with a life supply

Of love and laughter and smiles


When you look inside that champagne glass (champagne glass)

And see those bubbles risin'

From that shinny diamond

I’ll hit one knee and take your hand